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Only a life lived for others is worth living.

- Albert Einstein


Kate Sherry, Phd.

2012, 2017

Occupational Therapist, South Africa

I have learnt so much from Growing the Nations Therapy Programmes about working in and with context, rather than just trying to get a job done ... (read more)

Kate presented workshops for community based rehabilitation workers, lectured occupational therapy students, supervised their clinical practise, and consulted on work space modification for a project employing people with disabilties.


Ginger Simpkin

2014, 2015, 2018 

Occupational Therapist, USA

I have learnt more about community through my time in Madagascar, and specifically with Growing the Nations Therapy Programmes, than anywhere else ... (read more)

Ginger presented workshops for special needs teachers, parents of children with disabilities, therapists, and therapy assistants. She also lectured occupational therapy and started our annual holiday camp for children with disabilities.


Pauline Blanchais


Occupational Therapist, France

Growing the Nations Therapy Programmes: They are fabulous people, extremely generous, that we can only love. They make us discover the basics of life ... (read more)

Pauline came to us for a clinical placement at the end of her studies. She did therapy at our different sites.

There is no way in which to express our gratitude for our volunteers, who serve selflessly, and at their own cost. They leave footprints in people's hearts and bring tangible change. 

Our international family

Since 2012 we have had over 90 international volunteers and students from 11 different countries, and over 100 national volunteers.

How you can get involved

Build Devices


Photography, Filming, Editing

Interpreting, Translating

Professional Workshops




Gifts of Love

Because One Life Is Worth It All

Become part of our global family.

Be part of the change.

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