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because one life is worth it all

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Each person has worth. Each person is worth someone's effort.

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We have each been given one life. One life that can make a difference.

Our vision is for every person in Madagascar to have access to  good quality therapy.

We Value

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Working together, across and within sectors, for the greatest benefit. Forming strong relationships on all levels of society, including at grassroots, and with the individual.

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Addressing the needs of those who will stay behind after the project finishes. Using resources and systems that can be maintained without external funding.

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Each person and each community has the right to participate in health giving activities, in decision making and in society. Participation is invited deliberately, and nurtured through trust and relationship. 

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Society is enriched when all types of people are active participants and marginalized groups are included. For true inclusion to happen, society must change its perceptions and practices. 

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When people are viewed as able, they are able to overcome barriers. Every person is capable of developing skills and of change. We build on ability.

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People know what is best for their lives. They have the right to make their own decisions and to grow through their own mistakes. By giving someone autonomy, they are empowered.

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Life changes to change. It is not the speed of change that is important, but the process of change. True development builds for change, because change brings permanence. 

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Listening is not the starting point. Listening is the point. Listening creates connection, and brings healing. A lot of empowerment happens through listening, rather than actions.

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For without love we are nothing.

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